The beginning

Creating an MMO is one of the hardest things a game developer can possibly do. Conventional wisdom says you should start small, get a couple friends, and test the waters with that. If things go well, get a small studio and take it up a notch and repeat from there. Blizzard had over a decade of experience before they took a stab at World of Warcraft.

MMOs are extremely labor intensive and require a huge amount of technical programming knowledge and artistic talent from a team of hundreds. People don't make MMOs in their basements and start the next big thing.

There's a million reasons why I can't start from scratch, assemble a team out of nothing, and make an MMO. But there's one reason why I should try: I want to. I really want to. It's just me right now. I will need to recruit several dozen more, highly skilled programmers and artists. They will need to believe in the project pretty strongly since I don't have a dime to my name to pay them until the game sells if it ever gets that far. Even if I could recruit a dream team by tomorrow, the game will still take a few years to complete. That's a long time to hold a team of volunteers together.

This blog will be the beginning of a successful venture or a frustrating failure. It doesn't get any more "Ground Zero" than this.

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