Beta and Other Missed Deadlines

Well, my inability to predict when we'll be beta testing continues. The plan was Granny Wars and Raygun Rocketship ready for beta testing right about now. Let's go through why this isn't happening and won't be for a while:

Raygun Rocketship
The best explanation is that key people on the team needed to take a break instead of getting the game ready for beta. This has caused everything else to grind to a halt. It looks like the break is over and things will get back on track. I might be adding 3 more people to the team and I hope that means much more progress than ever before.

I'm a little to blame here. I'm a big part of content creation for the game and I've been massively sidetracked by other issues. I'm hoping to have those issues fully resolved in the next month, but hopefully I can get back to contributing to the project before then.

Granny Wars
This is a different case. All of the artists on the team have been moved to other projects temporarily, however, that's not why beta testing has been delayed. The direction we were headed down code wise, simply wasn't giving us the speed and flexibility we wanted. As such, we're completely overhauling our methods of creating more precise hitboxes and standardization of attacks. I'm not sure how long this process will take us, but it could be a while.

Aside from that, I should be able to post screen shots of Elemental Lords soon. Stay tuned.


Mon, 2014-10-13 20:20

Yeah, we'll have a playable demo soon. I'm having some physics issues with the fireballs of death. Also came across an interesting issue where if a ball gets behind your shield, it can wipe you almost instantly. Soooo...lots to do. :-) I have a plan, but first I need to help Dean with a sprite shader.

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