Busy Weekend

Hey guys,

Tons going on right now. For at least a year or so, I’ve been thinking about starting a more serious youtube channel. Finally, I decided to set up a green screen, get some photo lighting, and do some test shots. Last weekend, I decided I’d be ready to start.

In addition to that, this last weekend was set to be the debut of a project that could lead to something fairly profitable. See, my cousin, Jeremy, is pretty active in local sports in Sacramento. I’ve seen him play professionally in big arenas (Arco Arena) when he played for the Sacramento Knights in the past. He was one of the principle founders of the Sac Republic (professional soccer team), and hit me up about making a professional sports team management app. One of our programmers has been working with him all summer and fall, and last weekend was the big on the field test to see how it works.

Then my brother, who comes up from LA a couple times a year, picked that weekend to come up and visit me and my family. Of course with all that, we also have Elemental Lords which we’re struggling to finish and starting Raygun Rocketship. Juggling two game projects at once is tough, not to mention, I’m now our main artist. That was an insane amount to cram in one weekend. Then my uncle had a heart attack.

Well, technically a fibrillation or something. I don’t really know. I just know he collapsed, slipped into a coma, and still hasn’t woken up a week later. My cousin, Jeremy, was right there when his dad collapsed and started CPR immediately. My aunt, who’s the CEO of multiple multi million dollar corporations, stopped what she was doing in Bakersfield to go up to Carson City, Nevada to be with her brother. Her sons flew up in their private jet. My mother and most the people on her side of the family went up there as well, leaving Sacramento absent of family members other than myself and my father. We stayed behind to spend time with my brother visiting.

I took off the entire weekend at Stigma Games. We didn’t try out the app(though we’ll try again tomorrow). We had a meeting tonight with my cousin about the app and the game plan for tomorrow. He was barely keeping it together, especially after hearing the news that his dad got his test results for brain activity. Though either way is still possible, he might be a little closer to being brain dead than one day waking up. We’ve had to prepare ourselves for either possibility.

Two members of my family have died since I started Stigma Games and started blogging in general. I’m really hoping it’s not a third anytime soon.

Let me tell you about my uncle. He’s always the first to offer to help anyone--helping me fix my bike just a year ago without me even asking for(but certainly needing) his help. He works long hours as a truck driver, but still volunteers his time to help the less fortunate. He’s always Santa Claus each year when it’s time to pass out the presents--has been since I was a kid. Just someone that everyone likes. His work has said as soon as he wakes up, he’s getting moved to dispatch and getting a raise. His coworkers have visited him in the hospital too.

The other day I was hanging out with my dad, running some internet cable through the attic, and we had to go through a skylight, requiring use of a ladder. Due to desks and crap being in the way, we couldn’t set the ladder on solid footing. It was really dangerous and I didn’t want my 71 year old father going up there. He reminded me that I fell off a ladder a couple years ago and fractured two of my vertebrae. Still. I’d like to think better me go up that ladder than him, and told him 4 times not to go up there, but I couldn’t really stop him. Finally, I said, “I don’t know CPR and Jeremy’s busy.” Too soon?

He pulled the cable through, no problem. I mean, the guy grew up on a construction site. Going up a ladder and pulling cable, not exactly scary for him. But it made me think about what I would do if it was my dad laying in that bed with a tube down his throat, opening his eyes and turning his head around, but still not seeing or reacting. What would I do if my dad wasn’t around any more?

I’m hoping I can go back to not having to think about that again. I’m hoping my uncle wakes up and asks me to go on a bike ride with him. Well, that gave me a painful lump in my throat to type. Ok, eyes wiped, time to focus on work for now.

I’ve got enough media to put together a solid submission for Elemental Lords to become a Microsoft developer and get EL on the X-Box Live store. Making a game is so damn time consuming (when you actually care about the end result). We’ve picked a Feb 15th date to have all artwork and code ready to go for the final game. We’ll do another round of play testing after that. We should be able to announce an official release date soon after that. Ok, back to work.

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