Middle of Week 11

We've been getting a tiny bit of press. It's not really a big deal, but it's a start. I wrote a short Dawnshine bio for Loki's Planet, they included it in one of their press releases, and a couple game news sites did stories on us. There's quite a bit of wrong information in the stories, but that's pretty normal. I've seen quite a few sites refer to the "Underground Alliance" as "The Allienz." I don't know if that's supposed to be short for "alliance" or be pronounced like "aliens." Who knows?

Our site isn't very friendly towards people trying to get information on the game, so I can't really blame them. That's for no other reason other than we're not marketing the game to players at this point, so it doesn't really matter to me. The site really only exists for people on the developer side of things. Still, there's going to come a time where we're going to have to start hitting deadlines. Game media people are going to start wanting content from us. Stuff like, "If you can get 45 seconds of solid gameplay footage by such and such date, we can feature your reel at such and such."

But speaking of Loki's Planet, I'm now on the press release list of a lot of major game companies. It just seems so lazy doing it this way. A big game company puts out a press release, and lazy journalists reword the press release and post it to what ever site they write for. I miss the days when I used to work as a music journalist and I was out there trying to discover new talent before anyone else had heard of them. Now, as a game journalist, I feel more like just another step in some big corporation's marketing campaign. Ah well. The more I understand about how the game marketing biz works, the easier it will be for me to plan a marketing strategy for Dawnshine. So all and all, this is a good thing. Plus, I like talking about games anyways. I might as well get something out of it.

But aside from that, things are moving a little on the slow side. The programmers are rebuilding what we lost after having our engine replaced. And I think the artists are still recovering from taking 2 weeks off. I think the time off and GDC in general broke up the flow for some on the team. I dunno. But we have building concepts I'm happy with. I think the rest of the team is happy with them. So we're going to start modeling things and finally start putting art assets in the game.

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