Sorting Through Auditions

Happy Easter everyone,

We've never done a casting call before, so I didn't know what to expect. We got a total of 46 auditions of people sending in recordings of themselves reading the characters' lines. I'm not sure if that's a good turn out, but it seems pretty good to us. Thanks to everyone that submitted. It's nice to see so much talent in the area.

We haven't made a decision yet for any of the characters. We're looking for that perfect match of acting ability and voice quality. It will be a team decision. About half of us have made our choices. We'll have to wait for next weekend when people come back from Easter break. There were good options for every character, so I'm split on several. There were a few that we think might be perfect with more thorough direction. There were also a few that really didn't match the character, but I really liked their acting ability and how I felt listening to the choices they made. As such, when we get to the voice overs for Raygun Rocketship--a much bigger project, there's a few people I want to contact specifically for that.

Aside from voice acting, we should have the characters 3D modeled soon. We got four person multiplayer working and tested that out. I got killed first. That means I have the distinction of being the first player eliminated in Elemental Lords in the world. And yes, I called "hacks." Hopefully, we'll be adding audio sound effects and music in the next month. The paddles and blocks should be done by next week to replace the "programmer art" that's there now. All the background art is done. The UI has been working for a while now, though we'll need to replace the static 2d images of the characters on the character selection screen with the 3d models once they're ready. Much of the particle effects have been borrowed from Raygun Rocketship and might need to be tweaked a little. So all in all, we're looking good for wrapping things up. About half the team is done and moving to Raygun Rocketship.

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