Start of a Movement

It's not a visionary that starts a movement. A movement starts with the first follower. Tonight, I met with my first potential recruit. He's an AI Programmer. Much of what he does might not work for the project, and most of what he wants to do on a game project is content design, which isn't going to be needed until much later in the project. But it's a start. The goal here is to recruit programmers and test some mechanics. We're using the HeroEngine and that gives us a lot of finished game art to experiment with, so I'm going to hold off on recruiting artists, but I won't say no to a good one that's interested in the project.

I have another friend that said she might help with getting us grant money since she does funding strategy research for start ups. As strange as this sounds, I'm a little leery about pushing for grant money or any kind of funding right now. Funding is really hard to get either way, but even if someone gave us a million dollars to start hiring people, we'd run out of money way before the project was finished and would have to put out a feature poor game. Once you start paying people, they pretty much want you to keep paying them. It might make sense to look for funding once we get closer to having a playable game. We'll need money for a strong marketing campaign at some point as well.

In either case, I'm working on a couple other games right now. I need to do the best job on those that I can for now. The updates for Dawnshine will be slow going until then.

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