Stuff My Dad Says 2

So I had a conversation with my dad a while back. It was during a time when I was realizing how badly we needed an Art Director. We've since resolved the issue, but at the time, I was coming to grips with the fact that, “I dunno, just make it look cool,” wasn't helping anyone. The conversation went something sort of like this:

Me: The problem I’m having with the artists is that I’m just not that knowledgeable about art. It’s a lot more complicated than I knew, but I’m trying to learn.
Dad: You know your brother in LA draws.
Me: I know. But I need to lead the artists to make sure we have a consistent look for each of our games. There’s color theory, proportion, how stylized it should be, line weights, and anime vs--
Dad: Oh, I know line weights. I use them in AutoCAD drawing houses.
Me: Dad, that doesn't have any--
Dad: Yeah, I know this. Ok, for your interior walls, it’s one kind of line weight. You know pluming walls are 6 inches thick instead of 4 because that’s where all the pluming goes for a toilet and shower. Do you want me to talk to your artists?
Me: Dad, please stop.
Dad: You should listen to me on this. When you set the foundations for the side elevation for a house, the line weight--
Me: No really, please stop talking. I only have $5 bucks in my pocket, but it’s yours if you stop talking.
Mom: Why do you two have to fight about everything?
Dad: The lines you draw for electrical are dotted lines. Do your artists need help with dotted lines? You know, I can call your brother right now. I’m sure he can help you.

Yeah, I know. I sound like an awful person for complaining that I have a dad that loves me so much he always wants to help. When I used to have a band, he was always giving me bizarre advice too.

Enough of that. I haven’t posted about what it’s like working in the studio. So far, things have actually been better than how I thought they’d be.

Previously, we've been working on several games at once. This made a lot of sense with a scattered team where people come and go. But now that we’re working side by side, and we have a core group of people that make the meetings on a fairly consistent basis, it makes sense for us to just work on one game at a time. This has dramatically changed our productivity level. Man, had I known how helpful a studio is, I’d have done this a while ago.

We’re almost finished with all 2d work for Elemental Lords. The coding still has a little more to go and bugs to smash. Otherwise, we’ll then push all the 2d turn arounds to the 3d team to model, rig, and animate. I've already written narration, so we could actually start looking for voice actors soon. I need to get an email reply to make sure the studio that offered to let us record for free is still down to do that for us. Otherwise, we might be making a call for voice actors soon.


Sun, 2015-03-01 16:55

you dad sounds like mine they should hang out hahaha

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