Thanksgiving update

Hey Everyone,

Last update I mentioned that the team completely collapsed. I'm surprised by how well we've had a totally new team come together--and some very good people on top of that. So things are going pretty well now. Having an office has meant people come in, we share knowledge, people learn and improve. You can't beat face to face communication while you're working. Just an office itself has added enough credibility to us that we've been able to attract people I wouldn't have been able to get before. It really feels like we just started Stigma Games a couple months ago and all that working from home stuff before that was just a waste of time.

I think I mentioned "a big company that outsourced work to us." Well, the big company is Wells Fargo. They hired us to make a simulation for their virtual museum. They shipped the touch screen and miniPC to my house a couple days ago. I've played the game on the hardware they sent me and made sure it worked. Tomorrow, I'm stopping by their Museum in Old Sac to drop it all off and show them the finished game, marking the end of the project. I've shown them versions of it on my tablet the last few months during development, and they've been requesting changes during the process, so this is finally the end. They're really happy with it, even telling me, "We really didn't think it would look this good." So that's cool. That means when the museum reopens next Tuesday, you'll be able to look at the antique gold scale and play a simulation of it on a touch screen that allows you to weigh gold nuggets on a photo realistic 3d model. It's a small little simulation, but it also means that Stigma Games was hired by one of the largest companies in the world to make a game. That's pretty cool. They're also interested in hiring us for more simulations. They've been great to work with so far, so I'd be pretty happy if this turned into more work.

Well, back to modeling Raygun Rocketship characters.

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