The Lord of Air, master of the wind and all things unseen, Ilyr is a trickster character. He defends his castle with a swirling vortex of wind and assaults his opponents with pure lightning giving him a balance between offense and defense.

Vortex - Ilyr is the master of chaos. While other lords use paddles to defend their castles, Ilyr uses a swirling vortex that defends slightly more area and flings balls out in random directions.

Lightning - Light the Skies! Ilyr can electrify a captured ball, turning it into pure lightning. Lightning balls do the same damage as a regular one, but move around the area at a much faster speed, making them much more difficult to block.

Cloud Cover - Ilyr is a master trickster. Just when his opponents think they have an advantage, Ilyr can blanket the arena in clouds, obscuring everyone's view but his own.