The Lord of Earth, older than the mountains, Mugruk is a timeless sentinel. Humorless and persistently grumpy, he knows there’s nothing he can’t endure. Mugruk has the most defensive abilities of the four with stronger blocks and the power to replace ones that get destroyed.

Fortitude - Mugruk is the toughest of the lords. His blocks start off with one extra hit point making his castle harder to breech.

Boulder - Mugruk can grab a ball with his paddle and turn it into solid Earth. As a boulder, his elemental ball can one shot destroy any enemy block it hits, no matter how many hit points it had.

Renew - Heal the Earth! With enough mana, Mugruk can cast Renew. Renew will fully restore any damaged or completely destroyed block up to his passive Fortitude bonus making Mugruk on of the most difficult lords to bring down.