The Lady of Water, Theola is Queen of the vast and endless sea. She knows that water can extinguish flame, rain can blanket the sky, and river can cut through the hardest of bedrock. Her abilities are a mix of offense and defense.

Chill - Theola has a chilling aura as a passive ability. When balls hurtle towards her castle, they slow down slightly, giving Theola more time to react to them.

Ice Shard - Theola can grab a ball and convert it to an Ice Shard. Ice Shards freeze the blocks of enemy players, causing the block hit, and those near it, to become brittle. If another ball strikes a brittle block, it will shatter.

Winter - Feel the Chill of Winter! Theola can cast a single spell that freezes all enemy paddles, preventing her enemies from defending their castles until the spell wears off.