It's the year 1953. With the discovery of liquid neutronium in 1911, human kind made rapid leaps into aviation and space travel. This amazing discovery distracted Europe from entering a World War as the race for the stars consumed the world's imagination. As we discovered new worlds to expand to, we soon found we were not alone.

The enemy, known colloquially as "The Squid," attacked, first conquering a human colony on the distant Earth like planet of Novensides in 1943. Since then, humanity has been fighting a decade long losing battle. With the recent loss of the Mars colony in 1952, humanity is faced with a technologically advanced and brutal enemy poised at Earth's front door.

Fresh from the academy, you and your fellow recruits must join the shattered remains of the Earth Space Force in one last push to stop the destruction of the human race. You'll be armed with reverse engineered alien, raygun technology, the finest space ships humans have ever crafted, and the best weapon of all, the enduring human spirit.